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Soleil 2.0
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IPL is an optical technology called “Intense Pulsed Light”. Hair removal based on pulsed light is one of the most effective ways to remove the unwanted hair on any body part, and the effect is longer. It is different from other common hair removal methods because it can significantly reduce hair regrowth. With consistent use, people may see tremendous results with reduced hair growth. Every session, the hair density will decrease significantly. 

So how does Soliel 2.0 work? 

Hair growth rate varies from person to person, depending on age, metabolism, and several other factors. However, each person’s hair growth is usually divided into 3 stages.

1. The Growth Period

Hair grows actively from the roots. At this stage, the concentration of melanin is the highest. Melanin determines the color formation of hair. The concentration of melanin is also a decisive factor for the effectiveness of the strong pulse technique. Only hair in the growth phase responds to the light irradiation process.

2. Degradation Period. 

Hair growth stops, the root shrinks, and then the hair falls off.

3Dormant Period

Old hair detaches from its follicles and falls off. The hair follicle remains in a dormant stage until the biological clock reminds it to reactivate and grow new hair. 

What are the advantages of Soliel 2.0?
Soliel 2.0 produces an effect by heating the hair and hair below the skin. The melanin in the hair and the root of the hair absorbs the light pulses emitted by the product. The darker the hair color, the more light it absorbs. The darker the hair color, the more light it absorbs. This process can stimulate the hair to enter the dormant period. 

During the irradiation, the hair will fall off naturally and is inhibited from regenerating. It may take a few sessions for hair to fall out. A good hair removal effect cannot be achieved in one or two sessions, because only the hair in the growth phase responds to the light hair removal process. During depilation, the hair at the depilated site is usually at different stages of the hair growth cycle. In order to effectively act on all hair, the irradiation process needs to be repeated every two weeks for the first two months. 

Soliel 2.0 integrates an optical filter to ensure that ultraviolet rays cannot reach the skin and ensure that the product is safe for the skin. If the sending filter lens is damaged, please stop using the product immediately and contact us for assistance regarding the product. 

Intensity Level Setup

Adjust intensity level according to the skin and hair color and the skin’s response to the irradiation, and gradually get used to the light for hair removal.

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