What's Wrong With My Pores?

What's Wrong With My Pores?

March 13, 2021

That particular feeling that your skin isn't still clean after your routine, even though you thought that your skin-care products is keeping your skin looking fresh? Well most likely it's only keeping your skin looking tidy on the outside. Deep down in your pores there are more unwanted dead-skin and dirt internally that are creating problems on the outside.

On the surface as you use your facial cleansing product it may only be cleaning debris and excess oil on the top layer of your skin. This leaves us with the question; what's beneath of surface of your skin.

Inside your pores lays many sebum gland and important cellular structure that regulates your skin's health. However, particularly on the face, neck and shoulder tends to contain the most these sebaceous glands. They produce sebum to help lubricate and protect your skin. It essentially helps your pores and skin regulate itself.

Overtime, your pores eventually collect some dead skin and dirt that slowly traps itself in your pores. This may lead to irritated skin, acne and or plugs. That bumpy feeling where you rub across your face might be a result of a sebum plug. The combination or excess sebum, dirt and dead-skin eventually leads to white/black heads, skin bumps ands irritants. 

The best ways that might increase the effectiveness of your morning and night routine is to target those unwanted grime inside your pores. While there are many methods of removing dead skin cells, they may be expensive and inconvenient. But there are some effective strategies you can implement in your home routine!

Self-Care Routine 

Every skin is unique and varies from different individuals. That's why there are beauty tools that may be a supplement to your existing routine. It adds another element for your skin to fully cleanse and or utilize that perfect moisturizer.

Áine - Allows your pores to fully open to use your cleanser, moisturizer or other supplementary                                       product for a more full saturating effect for your skin

Elio  - Soft bristle that exfoliate and cleanse the surface and middle layers of your pores

Facial Pore Wand - Gives more control on the size of your pores during your routine. Heat enables the pores                                           to expand for more absorption of your morning and night essentials. While cold makes                                             the pores contract and smaller to keep dirt and debris from entering.

Gaia - Uplifts dirt, excess oil and dead skin cells beneath your skin. This is a very complementary                                     device with your other skin-care product as it'll remove trapped debris that been blocking                                       the full effectiveness of your main products.


Although your skin-care products make be doing the essential work, beneath the skin lay some issue that these complementary tools may help your issue below the surface; allowing maximization of morning and night routine essentials.